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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Top 10 Reasons to Use Cloth Diapers

As a cloth diapering momma for the last 8 years, I have had to endure a lot of stinky dirty diapers. I have needed some great reasons to stick with it at times, and that is what I am sharing with you today.

Here are my top 10 reasons to use cloth diapers:

1. There are tons of super fun stylish and reusable cloth diapers. For instance, this cute spotted giraffe print diaper was used through both of our girls and we loved taking pictures of them with it on, because it was so cute! They don't make cloth diapers today like they used to many years ago. Now, they are easy to use and come in a hundred super cute prints.
2. Conventional disposables can contain traces of Dioxin, a carcinogenic chemical, listed by the EPA as the most toxic of all cancer linked chemicals! Yikes!! It is banned in most countries, but sadly not in the US.
3. Conventional disposables can contain Trubutyl-tin(TBT) a toxic pollutant known to cause hormonal problems in humans and animals.
4. Chemicals and fragrances in some disposables can cause asthma. 
5. Disposable diapers use 2 times as much water to manufacture as cloth. 
6. Cloth diapers will save you loads of money! If I had any extra time, I would figure out how much we have saved over the 8+ years.
7. Disposables use 20 times more raw materials than cloth. 
8. Disposables generate 60 times more waste than cloth.
9. Disposables are the 3rd largest single consumer item in landfills. Oh my!!
10. No one knows how long it takes for a disposable diaper to decompose, but it is estimated to be about 250-500 years.

Let those numbers since in for a second. If that doesn't convince you to just even try out cloth diapers, check out even more great diaper facts.

For those of you saying, "I could never clean cloth diapers day after day, check out how I keep my cloth diapers clean. I also love to use my essential oils to help keep them smelling fresh and clean in a natural, safe way. Some of my favorite oils for cloth diapers are purification, lemon, and lavender.

While you do have to take a little more time to care for cloth diapers, I strongly feel the benefits outweigh the negatives, and I definitely don't regret using them with all my children.  What are your thoughts? Are you for or against cloth diaper use? I love to hear your opinions and thoughts.

This post is a partnership with Nakturnal. All words and opinions are my own, and I hope you find them helpful.


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